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AMA-Approved Service Providers

The Richards family has been a part of the Cochrane community since 1980, and they have owned Big Hill Towing since 1995. The family is fully aware that Big Hill Towing's longtime success is completely due to the goodwill and the loyalty of the community and their customers. To show our appreciation for the trust of this wonderful community,  Big Hill Towing is committed to investing in the causes that are important to the people of Cochrane. We are proud supporters of the following organizations:

Brandon Thomas Foundation

On December 6, 2012, many lives were irrevocably altered when 17 year old Brandon Thomas was killed in a collision caused by an impaired driver. Because of this tragedy our company has connected with Brandon's family members, and we have become firm supporters of the Show Your Ride for Brandon event that they organize every summer to raise awareness of the impact of impaired driving on our community. When you have been in this industry as long as we have, you see far too much of the devastation produced when an impaired person gets behind the wheel. We are committed to our partnership with the Thomas family, and we are determined to keep raising the volume on this issue in our community and across our province.

Partnership with Cultivate Cochrane

Big Hill Towing is happy to be a part of Cultivate Cochrane's initiative to educate people about sustainable and community-led food production. We are supporting them by doing free tows of the Passive Solar Roller — Cultivate Cochrane’s Mobile Education Greenhouse that continues to function beyond the region’s short growing season. The goal is to be able to bring in opportunities for hands-on learning, skill-building, and connection through food. Check out our Instagram post

Boys & Girls Club of Cochrane & Area and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area

We need to support the organizations in Cochrane that are seeking to make a difference in the lives of the town's youth. Too often we see the gritty reality of youth substance abuse when a young person comes into our office (generally with their parent, who has to foot the bill) to retrieve their vehicle after it has been seized by the RCMP for an alcohol or drug-related offence. This is a terrible situation for any young person and their parents and their family. We are in total support of groups such as the Boys and Girls Club and the Big Brothers Big Sisters who work tirelessly and selflessly to give young people safe outlets for their desire for connection and adventure.

Stars Ambulance

Our tow trucks attend way too many dramatic injury collisions. We clean up the metal aftermath of these events, and we support the Stars Ambulance crews in their heroic efforts to take care of the human lives that are affected by such tragedies.

Cochrane Search and Rescue

We are proud to be able to help this noble group by providing complimentary mechanical service work for their organization’s rig. A volunteer group whom we respect and admire, the Cochrane Search and Rescue Team is worthy of every bit of support we can offer.

Cochrane Ringette Association

This organization is very close to the heart of the Richards family. Jackie and her sister, Gabrielle, both started their ringette careers in Cochrane. Jackie went on to be inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame as a member of the Team Canada West that won the Ringette World Championships in Helsinki, Finland in 1992. We are highly aware of the important role ringette can play in a young girl's life. The friendships established and the skills acquired through playing this sport are the very foundation of healthy, successful adolescence and adulthood for passionate and energetic young women. We are very proud to support the amazing ringette association that Cochrane has built, and we are thrilled that two of our Big Hill team members have daughters currently playing the sport.

Cochrane Ringette Association
Stars Ambulance
boys & girls club of cochrane & area
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area
Cochrane Search & Rescue

To learn more about our community work, please feel free to give us a call!

24-hour Towing

Be it day or night, we offer prompt towing services 24/7 in the Cochrane area.

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