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Ice/Underwater Recovery Services in Cochrane and throughout Alberta

Ice fishing, and your truck breaks through the ice? Mishap near a body of water, and your vehicle is at the bottom? Big Hill Towing has the experience, skill set, and the equipment to save the day, and get your vehicle back on shore.   Call us now, and we'll respond anywhere in Alberta to recover your submerged vehicle. For underwater/ice recoveries we have the following tools to aid in your recovery

Tow trucks (heavy-, medium- and light-duty)


Floatation bags and inflation equipment

Certified divers with diving equipment for cold water recovery

Contaminant Mitigation System- Protecting our bodies of water from noxious fluids that emanate from submerged vehicles

Ice and Water Recovery

Need dependable vehicle recovery services in Cochrane and beyond? You have come to the right place.

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