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AMA-Approved Service Providers

Our team members’ vast experience in so many areas allows Big Hill Towing and Heavy Duty Repair to offer a unique and wide range of services throughout the Cochrane, Water Valley and Calgary areas. Our team consists of certified CAA contractors providing you with safe, honest and professional towing solutions. Contact us now for more information.

Our Team Members

Randy Pace

Randy’s role at Big Hill is hard to pin down or define in one phrase or sentence, and that is because he somehow does it all. He is in his 38th year as a licensed heavy-duty technician. He is our service manager and our recovery supervisor, working in both towing and heavy-duty repair divisions. He is a WreckMaster-Level-8/9R-certified recovery specialist; he is part of our off-road recovery team and the lead member of our water recovery team.


Our most experienced member of the dispatch team, Mark joined us in April of 2010. His flexible, easy-going personality is a perfect match for the often demanding nature of the tow truck dispatching world!


Don has worn many hats in his time on the Big Hill Team. He has worked in our heavy-duty repair shop, he has assisted with our compound maintenance and these days he can be found operating one of the flatbed tow trucks. A generous and helpful teammate, Don has been there to cover for just about all of us. Always thinking of others, he is known for going the extra mile to help out our customers. Our dispatchers and our clients just love that about him.


Haydan became a part of our team when he had to call us to assist him with an off-road recovery. His truck was stuck in the woods, and Randy went out to help him. Randy was so impressed with Haydan’s work ethic and desire to learn that we asked him to join our group as an apprentice heavy-duty technician!


Within a short time period in our team, Jason has made an incredible impression! Working as a heavy-duty technician in our repair shop, Jason has plunged right into the big work with our clients’ logging trucks, water trucks, motorhomes and of course, tow trucks.


Sherri is entering her 15th year with our Big Hill Towing and Heavy Duty Repair Team! She fulfils many roles as Big Hill’s office manager, but her priority is always simply to help people. Understanding, compassionate and ready to assist in any situation, Sherri, who has vast experience in this industry, is a huge asset for all of our teammates and our customers.


Another heavy-duty technician in our heavy repair division, Luke first caught our eye when we discovered that he had traded in his work as an accountant to become a heavy-duty tech. Luke’s ability to take such decisive action in his personal life and carve a path for himself in the direction of his passion so impressed us that we knew he had to be a part of our team!


With over 12 years’ experience as a tow truck operator under his belt, Dan is one of our most experienced team members. A favourite with our clients because of his calm demeanour and total professionalism, Dan has the experience and the wide-ranging skill set (and the Level 5/6 WreckMaster Certification!) to operate every truck on our fleet. Always desiring to learn new things, Dan has even become part of our dispatch team!


A heavy-duty technician with 16 years’ experience, Brad is another one of those talented fellows who can do just about anything. A key member of our water recovery team, Brad is instrumental in designing some of our most creative solutions to our clients’ problems. In his 5 years with Big Hill, Brad has been called out as far afield as Northern Alberta, British Columbia, and even Montreal, Quebec, all in the name of serving our customers!


Another team member who has been with the Big Hill Towing and Heavy Duty Repair crew for over 5 years, Wendy has made it her mission to get to know everything about all the different services that we offer to our clients. Wendy is a proud and effective dispatcher, she takes care of our team as our safety officer, and she has recently trained diligently to become a tow truck operator. You may talk to Wendy over the phone, or see her in our office, or even meet her roadside, wherever you encounter her, she will be able to help you!


When Eric reached out to us just over 5 years ago to say that he wanted to become a part-time tow truck operator; we couldn’t have known how lucky we were to have taken that call. After retiring from policing after 30 proud years of service, Eric has taken on a full-time role in our trucks. He is a certified 5/6 WreckMaster operator, he is a part of our off-road recovery and our water recovery teams, and soon you will see him operating our heavy towing unit! There is nothing “retired” about Eric at all, and we are grateful that he has made Big Hill a part of his future.


A man of many, many talents and accomplishments, Gerd has been involved in the towing industry for over two decades! Since joining our Team in 2012, Gerd has become completely irreplaceable. He is our yard chief, in charge of the comings and goings in our compound facility. He has been a part of our off-road recovery team, our heavy recovery team, and our water recovery team. Gerd is that amazingly committed and flexible human being who never turns his phone off and who answers when we call for help at 2 AM. He is that faithful teammate who has rescued almost every member of our team at one point or another when we have gotten ourselves in trouble. That kind of commitment is deeply special, and it is what Gerd is all about.


Stephanie joined our team 3 years ago to assist with processing our payroll. Since then she has learned a huge amount about the towing and the heavy-duty repair industries, and she has taken on the roles of service advisor and assistant to our service manager! How she manages to commit as much time and diligence to her role on our team, when she is so active and involved as a volunteer in her community, is beyond us. But we are sure grateful that she does it, and it just speaks volumes about her organizational skills and her professionalism.


In his two years as a tow truck operator with our team, Tim has distinguished himself as an extremely conscientious and diligent driver. Taking exceptional care of our clients is his specialty, and we are often receiving feedback from our customers regarding Tim's kind and thoughtful assistance. Tim has found the industry that suits his helpful nature – he is the type of fellow you want helping you out when your vehicle has you in a tough spot!


Andrew was brand new to the towing industry five years ago when he joined us at Big Hill. It sure didn't take him long to catch on as a tow truck operator, and he has been a dependable and consistent member of our team ever since. A conscientious contributor to his community, Andrew is always the first to volunteer to assist with towing at events like the Cochrane Labour Day Parade and the Cochrane Classic Car Show. Always wanting to improve his skills, Andrew even trained to become a locksmith in the hope that he could be of even better service to our clients!


Zach is the newest member of our tow truck operator team, having come to us from City Wide Towing in Calgary in the summer of 2018. He has taken to the Cochrane towing community very well and is doing an amazing job helping our community members and the travellers who need our service. Zach’s easy going and flexible personality is exactly what some stressful situations call for, and he is great at putting our customers at ease when he pulls up at the scene of their breakdown.


Glen has found his calling – and we are so thankful that he has – for he can mount a rescue effort for any breakdown dilemma or tricky recovery situation that gets called into him. He has been part of our intrepid dispatch team since 2012, and we simply can’t imagine what we would do without him. He is that person who looks after everything and everyone. He does it calmly, effectively, efficiently and professionally, and manages to make it all look easy. If Glen has you under his wing, you never have to worry about a thing.

Jackie Richards

Following in the footsteps of her dad and her granddad, Jackie is the third generation of the Richards family in the towing industry. Starting in towing with her dad and her sister, Wendy, at City Wide Towing back in 1991, Jackie has learned about the industry from the ground up. She has dispatched, she has operated the tow trucks and done her share of recoveries, and she now manages the general operations of the company. Her favourite role, though, is as the director of customer happiness. That comes just slightly ahead of her passion for her other serious role as the official team photographer.

24-hour Towing

Be it day or night, we offer prompt towing services 24/7 in the Cochrane area.


Big Hill Towing and Heavy Duty Repair
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T4C 2B9

Phone: 403‑932‑3336

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24 hours 7 days a week


Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Service Area

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  • Water Valley

  • Bottrel

  • Morley

  • Kananaskis

  • Bragg Creek

  • Bearspaw

  • Springbank Hill

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